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Paavan Chintan Dhara 

Paavan Chintan Dhara is an organization which gives priority to such traditions, values and positive energy with the help of which a strong nation can be built.
It is the prime duty of a human being to serve his motherland and all living beings and this is also the first step of the journey to spiritualism. So in this ashram much emphasis is laid on service to all.

The Ashram focuses on mental, moral and spiritual training of all specially children and youth and is constantly working to bring forth scientific interpretation of Sanatan Dharm.


Veer Naman Sthal

The entrance of the Ashram is also marked with Veer Naman Sthal with National Flag and Dharm Dhwaj hoisting always with pride. Here we pay tribute to all patriots who have given their life to the Nation and also to those who are working for the security and integrity of our Nation.


Yagya Shala

Ashram has a Yagya shala (asht koniya yagya kund) in which ashram members do morning yagya regularly with Sarv Shakti Mantra.


Siddh Dhyan Math

ShriGuru Pawan Ji has always believed in the power of Meditation (DHYAN) and so stands a DHYAN MANDIR for all who want to unite their soul with the Almighty through Dhyan.

On the top of the Dhyan Mandir is a beautiful temple in white, of Maa Durga and her four forms- Maa Saraswati, Maa Bagulamukhi, Maa Kali and Maa Bhuvaneshwari. Idol of Shri Hanumaan and Shri Ram-Sita are also placed on the right and left of the temple.

The external wall of the temple bears Bharat Mata with National flag in her hand- indicating that Ashram bows first in front of Bharat Maa.

An area in front of Dhyan Mandir is marked specially for Maun Kshetra, Shiv Kshetra with Lord Shiv, Maa Parvati, their sons Ganesh, Kartikey, their daughter Ashok Sundari and Shivling.

One can also find Guru Sthan with statues of various saints.


Sabhagar & Library

There is a Sabhagar where Ashram Prashikshu and YAM Students learn Dharm Shashtra, Indian history, Culture, Economics, International Relations etc. from Shriguru Ji and debate on various current issues.

There is also a small library of more than 6000 books on different subjects.



The aim of Paavan Gaushala is to provide a good quality fodder and shelter to the Indian Cows donated (Gau Daan) by the Devotees. Paavan Gaushala runs mostly through donations.

As advised by Shriguru Pawan Ji, each one of us should give the first morsel of food to a cow daily (गौ-ग्रास). One may not find time daily to give food to the cow, so one can give donation for monthly fodder for a cow as suggested below-

Gau Grass (गौ ग्रास)              -                Rs. 5,000/- (Per Month Per Cow)

If you want to make the donations please contact- 09412218956, 9412218972

You can make a payment by Cash/Cheque/Demand Draft/NEFT in favour of 'Paavan Chintan Dhara Charitable Trust, Payable at Ghaziabad, Account No. 727101010050191, Bank- Union Bank of India, IFSC Code­ ubin0572713 for DHARM & RASHTRA SEWA contribution.
*We will be thankful if you contribute.

-- Ashram Address--

Paavan Chintan Dhara Charitable Trust, Village- Hisali, Opp. Saithali Mod, Meerut Road, Near Muradnagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.


(only the people mentioned below can stay overnight in the ashram)