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Paavan Chintan Dhara Ashram



Paavan Chintan Dhara Ashram, is a spiritual organization which trains for divinity. It inculcates values and ignites minds for building a peaceful and strong nation and the world.

Ashram works for the upliftment of consciousness and personality of children and youth.

Guruji (Prof. Pawan Sinha), founder of Paavan Chintan Dhara Ashram, advocates for “Prabhu Naam-Prabhu Kaam-Prabhu Dhyan” means chanting name of the God, doing His works and remembering him.

The Ashram also imparts knowledge of Sanatan Dharm, History and educational system.

Guruji says that without the service of mankind and nature (पुरुष एवं प्रकर्ति) one cannot ahead on the path of spirituality.

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Veer Naman Sthal

Veer Naman Sthal is an elevated platform in the Ashram where our National Flag and Dharm Dhwaj both are hoisted together. Here tribute is paid to patriots and their families who have given their lives for the freedom, security and integrity of our Nation.


Yagya Shala

Under the canopy is ‘asht koniya yagya kund’ made of cow dung and mud where every morning sadhaks perform yagya with Sarv Shakti Mantra which brings peace, positivity and prosperity in their lives and helps in the purification of the soul and environment. Young children and teenagers also receive training to perform yagya thereby enabling them to keep their roots intact and become a strong pillar of sanatan dharm.



Parampujniya Dr. Pawan Sinha ‘Guruji’ lays emphasis on study and to understand self and the world. Therefore, a library of around 6000 books on different subjects including Ved, Upanishads, Puran, Philosophy, History, Education, Astrology, Politics, International Relations etc maintained by Ashram. Along with a reading room.


Ashram Center Ikai

People from different cities of the country are also connected to the ideology of Parampujniya Dr. Pawan Sinha 'Guruji. They serve needy people by donating food, medicines, blankets, beside many constructive activities.

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