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collage of gupp chauraha program

Gupp Chauraha

As the name suggests Gupp Chauraha is an informal teaching and learning of the children from 6 to 11 years by the experts of various fields. The structure of the talk is though informal (informal talks shed inhibition among children and they feel free to share their emotions and problems), yet the content exemplary. It includes Indian History, Science, Vedic Mathematics, Family etiquette, the qualities of national heroes.

Gupp Chauraha's syllabus is divided into 4 segments- Mental, Behavioral, Spiritual and physical development wherein the children are trained in above mentioned areas by experts.


Prashikshu is a group of teenagers who get training in Ashram in history, law, Dharm, science, vedic maths, moral values and spirituality by experts of these feilds in on-line mode. The classes are held twice a month.  

collage of prashikshu program
a collage of vidyarthi varg program

Vidyarthi Varg

'Vidhyarthi Varg' is a group of awakened people who are dedicated towards the aims of the Ashram.They are mentally dedicating their lives for Dharma and Nation. The youth of this group is trained under the guidance of Parampujniya Dr. Pawan Sinha ‘Guruji’. Their training schedule includes physical, mental, academic spiritual, moral and social development. Guruji is determined to convert the youth of 'Vidhyarthi Varg’ into achievers, social reformers and game changers.

Health Activities

Paavan Chintan Dhara Ashram for many years has been working for the health benefits of Indians especially in the rural areas. Under this campaign different Health checkup camps, Vaccination camp, Blood donation camp, Mammography test camp, Bal Swastha Seva Shivir have been organized. Along with the health camps, in the corona period, free COVID helpline and OPD was in action 24 hours to connect doctors with the patients on calls & through video conferencing and providing resources like medicines and oxygen cylinders which benefited more than 20,000 people around the nation.

Shri Guruji's vision is to provide free medical facilities to the children and elderly people in the rural areas under the guidance of qualified M.B.B.S doctors. Along with this, there is an effort to make such arrangements also in which naturopathy treatment can be provided also to the ailing people.

collage of health activities program
collage of dhyaan baithak program in ohm shape

Dhyan Baithak

People gather in Ashram, Ghaziabad to study the religious scriptures (Dharmashastra) from Parampujniya Prof. Pawan Sinha 'Guruji’ and also practice intense meditation under his guidance every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. The live Divy Gyan Dhyan Baithak is streamed on youtube and facebook by which approx 30,000 people are benefitted. The questions of the people pertaining to the spiritual concerns are also answered by Parampujniya Dr. Pawan Sinha 'Guruji’.

Dharmik Anusthan

The Ashram conducts Shivling Anushthan on Shivratri every year where devotees collect together, make their own Parthiv Shivling and do abhishek. Pitr-dosh-nivaran Yagya is also conducted every year on Pitrvisarjani-amavasya.

Sadhna Shivir, Ratri Jagran Sadhna are also organized in Navratri. The information regarding these are shared on website and ashram facebook page from time to time. One can also contact the given number if one wishes to make a private Dharmik Anushthan like, Rudrabhishek, Maha mritunjay jap, Shatchandi Yagya etc.

Contact – +91 94122 18956 (Between 11am to 5pm)

a collage of dharmik anushthan progam in siva linga shape
a collage of adhyatmik prashikshan shivir program

Adhyatmik Prashikshan Shivir

Under the guidance of Parampujniya Prof. Pawan Sinha 'Guruji’, Ashram organizes Spiritual Training Camps for 5-6 days, twice a year wherein people practice disciplined life, intense meditation and study scriptures of Sanatan Dharm.

Children from 6 to 11 years, teenagers (12-17 years) and youth (18-40 years) and elderly people (Above 40 years) are trained in these camps separately, focusing upon Brain and Behavioral Training, Sanskar Shiksha and Meditation.

All Women's Sundarkand Mandal

Parampujniya Prof. Pawan Sinha 'Guruji’ has formed ‘Paavan Mahila Sunderkand Mandal’ to demolish this belief that women cannot worship Hanuman ji. The female devotees of this Mandal do Sunderkand Paath in the Ashram on every 2nd Saturday. This mandal is also invited at other places to sing Sundarkand.

If you want to invite our ‘Paavan Mahila Sunderkand Mandal’ for Sunderkand paath at home or want to organize it in Ashram , kindly contact on 09412218963 (B/w 11am to 5pm)

a collage of all women's sundarkand mandal program
a collage of dhara seva shivsewa program

Dharasewa Shivsewa

Under the guidance of Parampujniya 'Guruji’, Paavan Chintan Dhara Ashram started the 'Dhara Seva Shiv Seva Campaign' across the country in the year 2019. Initiating for the protection of environment as a manner of worshipping Lord Shiva in the holy month of Sawan, Sriguruji calls upon the people for 'tree plantation'. As a result people in entire country including both urban and rural areas not only do plantation but also take oath to take care of the plants. Under this campaign people from different cities have planted more than 5 lakh plants and trees till now.

Bharat Utsav

The ashram celebrates ‘Bharat Utsav’ every year on the eve of Republic Day. The main purpose of ‘Bharat Utsav’ is to explore our authentic glorious history and make people feel proud of it, and inspire our countrymen to serve our Motherland India.

a collage of bharat utsav program
a collage of gyanostav program


Swami Vivekananda delivered his famous Chicago speech on 11th September 1893 and astonished the entire world with the greatness of Indian wisdom and Sanatan Dharm. In honor of Swami Vivekanand ji Ashram celebrates this prestigious day as Gyanotsav since 2011, in which thoughts of Swamiji are propagated and events are organized with the purpose of bringing change in oneself which may directly help the society and bring positive change in the country.

National Youth Summit

The National Youth Summit was started in 2019, with the aim that Youth from different states, culture, traditions, language, can come together and understand and get knowledge about the enriched heritage of India.

Youth from 10 different states participated in this 2-day summit. Project Rishikulshala (described later) was inaugurated by Hon'ble President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind ji. Hon'ble Human Resource Development Minister Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ji addressed the gathering on New Education Policy, Youth Affairs and Sports Minister Shri Kiren Rijiju threw light on youth policy and Param Vir Chakra awardee Captain Bana Singh ji inspired patriotism in youth.

On the second day, youth from ten states introduced their cultural heritage through art and the winners of the Mobile Film Festival were awarded. On this occasion, Hon'ble Defense Minister Shri Rajnath Singh and State Road and Transport Minister Shri. General V.K. Singh ji reminded the youth of their strength through their eloquent speech.

a collage of national youth summit program
a collage of atma nirmand diwas program

Atma Nirmand Diwas

12 January the birth anniversary of youth icon and Ashram’s Inspiration Swami Vivekanand ji is celebrated as Atma Nirman Diwas by the Ashram. On this day Parampujniya Prof. Pawan Sinha 'Guruji’ performs poojan of his Gurudev Swami Vivekanand ji, takes his blessings and does service of mankind first and then starts his day. Shri guruji preaches people about his Gurudev and the works done by him. People of Ashram inspired by Swami ji take resolution to bring change in self first and then in society as said by ‘Shriguru ji’- Parivartit ho parivartan karo’ - Change Yourself - Change Aeon.

Swami Vivekanand Memorial Lecture

Youth Awakening Mission under the aegis of Ashram has started a series of lectures on the eve of the birthday of Swami Vivekananda in the year 2021. The lecture is broadcast through an online medium in which more than one lakh people join. The lectures have been conducted on the topics,“Target for Indian Youth till 2040” and ‘धर्म परिवर्तन क्यों?’ and Chief guest was honorable A. Balakrishan Ji, Guest of Honour was Shri Manoj Joshi Ji, Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi Ji, Shri Dinesh Nishad Ji & Prof. Pawan Sinha ‘Guruji’

a collage of swami vivekanand memorial lecture program
swaraj sabha.png

Swaraj Sabha

Swaraj Sabha is an intellectual discussion platform wherein experts of various fields are invited to share their wisdom and experiences with the participants. The aim is to reinvent our Indian culture and develop understanding of current socio, religious, economic and political issues prevalent in the country.

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