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Sanatan Women

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"Sanatan Women" is an important initiative of Paavan Chintan Dhara Ashram.; conceptualized by Sanatani Feminist Parampujniya Prof. Pawan Sinha 'Guruji' with the thought that women can contribute in nation building while carrying out the responsibilities of the household.

Established on November 14, 2018, it’s a platform where a group of patriotic women take a strong stand on social media to protect our glorious religion and spiritual legacy. The team takes a stand for our Dharm, motherland and women’s rights on social media as well as on ground.

Presently, approximately 43000 members are associated with Sanatan Women page from India and abroad.

It works for women's unity, and cares for their social, emotional, and physical problems. It holds meetings, seminars, webinars through which it defends Indianism, Sanatan culture and it's festivals and never questions the holiness of other cultures.

"Sanatan Women" imparts the knowledge of Sanatan Feminism by making social media a powerful medium. The women of the ashram spread the science behind their religion sitting at home and answer to all those people and activities that demean women.

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