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Pratima Samman Mission

How do you feel when you find the idols of your Bhagwan thrown under trees, on temples’ walls & staircase; and on the river banks?

Don’t you get bothered to see the picture of Bhagwan on roadsides, market areas deliberately placed to prevent urinating & spitting by people?

Isn’t this very pathetic to find marriage invitations with the pictures of our Bhagwan printed on them, thrown in dustbins?

Are the sacred pictures & idols of our Bhagwan meant for this disrespect? 

Do we really worship them to confront this very situation?

In today’s time when the pillars of Sanatan Culture- Mandir-Ashram, Dharmshastra, Guru-Acharya and Devi-Devta, are deliberately attacked by every possible means, it becomes our utmost responsibility to safeguard them with united and integrated efforts.

Pratima Samman Mission is a brain child of Prof. Pawan Sinha ‘Guruji’, to discard such acts that bring dishonor to our Dharm & awake our fellow Sanatan brothers & sisters for the respect of our Bhagwan.

In this mission we appeal to all the individuals to form a group of at least 3 volunteers and fix a day to collect such pictures, frames and statues around your locality or prominent places of your city and depart them with great regard.


  1. Paper and dissolvable statues should be immersed in buckets & tubs at home. Once they become of the form pulp or mud, they can be burnt or put into plant beds & flower pots.

  2. For Marble & Pop Statues we should look for a crusher and get them powdered which can then be used as building material or in any other form.

  3. Also, for POP statues we use Ammonium Bi-Carbonate to decompose the POP structure. The Solution works in the ratio: (1kg POP: 1kg Chemical : 5 L Water) kept for 36 – 40 hrs. in a non-reacting vessel. The solution thus obtained is a fertilizer (Ammonium Sulphate) & residue Chalk powder (Calcium Carbonate) can be thrown in plant beds/soil.

  4. On finding boxes/packaging material or any covering with the picture of our revered Bhagwan please find the name, address or any other detail of the company responsible for the production of such material. Kindly send letters to those companies or tag them in social media posts & share the proceedings with our team. We will also follow up. Kindly, do not threaten anyone, make sure to put forward your appeal with respect to the constitutional limits.   


We have to work for something concrete to protect and promote Sanatan Dharm.
Looking forward to your awakened efforts.


“Jab hum karenge apne Bhagwan ka sammaan, tabhi vishwa karega unhe pranaam”.

Join us - 8826790907

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