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The world thinks that philosophy of Feminism is a modern concept given by west but Feminism is not a new phenomenon for the Indians. Sanatan women were enjoying equal rights since the Vedic era.

This book has been conceptualised to apprise the world, Sanatan philosophy of Feminism. It has exclusive chapters on Sanatan Feminism in ancient India, modern perception of feminism and contemporary issues, which are authored by esteemed writers of India and abroad. 

Factual study of different eras, different religions, different nations have been done, to get the holistic view of women’s condition.
This book, edited by Spiritual preceptor and educationist, Prof. Pawan Sinha 'Guruji', is beneficial for all those people who want to understand the authentic feminism as opposed to the prevalent thought and also for all those  researchers who are working in the field of Feminism and women studies.

Indian Thoughts on Feminism

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