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I consider him my Guru

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

I love Swami Ji. He thinks about the nation, and the upliftment of society, and believes in the functional form of Dharm. He didn’t consider the pretence of prayers all day long as pooja. He considered the service for humanity as pooja and always took Dharm along with the nation. This was his biggest achievement.

If you are going to the temple but can’t give food to hungry people, then your visit to the temple is a waste. He had such a great thought process. This is why I consider him my Guru. His knowledge and wisdom are tremendous. On which subject did he not have great knowledge? Was there a subject on which he didn’t speak? Be it Dharm, politics, economics, Shakti, thoughts of the mind, Guru, Gyan Yog, Bhakti Yog, or Rajyog, on which topic he didn’t speak? Such a deep knowledge and that too at such a young age. He established great combinations such as that of Yog-Sadhna. He considered unity from the soul of a person to his family, society, nation and God to be Yog. This is inspirational for me.

In today’s era, especially if I talk about India, I try to understand what the problems are. The problem is not politics or poverty but that patriotism and spirituality. A person is from India but is not an Indian, they are not even thinking about the nation. Yes, they constitutionally might be a citizen but spiritually and ethically they are not, because they are betraying the nation, doing corruption while living in India, and unethical, their thinking and communication are impure, goals are bad, and that is why they are not worthy of being Indian.

How is all of this like this? Why is it that in a country where 70% of the population is Hindu, which has been teaching lessons of morality from the beginning, where love and morality are the features of Hindutva and Dharm, why is there immorality? By saying this it doesn’t mean that all 70% are unethical, but a lot of them are. Most are stuck in greed and flattery. They are betraying their nation. Big or small, corruption is corruption. Whosoever is not performing their duties, and not respecting elders, women and children is also doing corruption. Whosoever is not properly doing the work of their offices or home is also doing corruption. If someone is running from work then that is corruption because he is wasting the time of the nation. How can Hindu society be like this? It is because he is Hindu only by name and birth but not by work. This is because he kept Karm away from Dharm. When you take Dharma and Karma together then Karma will never get corrupted. What I say might hurt you, sometimes people even say that I am a Hinduvadi. It is the misfortune of this country that being a Hindu is a blot here. You are Hinduvadi, which means you are non-secular. I say that if a Hindu truly becomes Hindu and a Muslim truly becomes Muslim and everyone becomes like the sect or guru they follow then piousness in work will automatically develop and corruption will automatically end. Just passing some bills in legislation, being a Lokpal, establishing some political organisations and increasing police doesn’t stop crime and corruption. It will slow them down for a small period but they will rapidly rise again with some new techniques. Criminals and corrupt people are like a virus. They stop when a new antibiotic comes on the market. Then slowly gets immune to it and strikes back harder. Disease gets serious and new medicine has to be found. Keep on making laws and amendments to the constitution, you are just misleading yourself that you are doing very great work but no effect is taking place.

We have entered the 76th year of our independence, did something bad stop, so many protests have been done but did something happen? Are women safe, have the rapes stopped? They haven’t, because there is no focus on the purity of Karm. In schools and homes, they are not taught the right things. People don’t want to go to higher posts to serve the country but because then there would be status in society and a lot of money will come. That is why it is necessary to take Dharm along with Karm. Hundred years ago Swami Ji said this only. That is why I keep him in my heart. A person who is Dharmic in Karmic form then that person doesn’t hurt anyone. That’s why Dharmic relatedness is necessary for this country. Dharm generates dignity because Dharm has a civilisation, a society. Dharm has its history. When you are dharmic, then you study history and understand that society and civilisation. A person who has an understanding of his civilisation has dignity. A person who is proud of his civilisation then never ends his civilisation. Thus he starts to become pure, pious and active. Then a better society is formed. Where Dharm is established, people don’t sleep hungry, the chastity of women is not harmed, corruption is absent, there is no feud between son and father for money, and there is no fight between siblings for a piece of land. All these teachings were given by Swami Vivekanand Ji.

If I tell in brief about Swami Vivekanand Ji, my spiritual guru, then he is soft, curious for knowledge, always eager to learn something new, and doesn’t have bad thoughts about any religion, sect or civilisation. He said to learn good things from the west. He is saying that be proud of yourself, revive your civilisation, and become established with your civilisation in the whole world, but he is nowhere saying that the west is bad or that any other religion is bad. He believed in every caste and religion, and ate, lived and talked with them. He is extraordinary, laborious, lethargy couldn’t even touch him, day and night he is studying, meeting people, he is not worried about his body. A person who even sacrifices his body for service, what other Dharm other than love would be in his feet? He sacrificed everything for the nation and society. He could be a billionaire and could run multiple great organisations but he didn’t. Knowledge, Karm and devotion were his master. He was wise, worked on the principles of his guru, and sacrificed his name and self. Yes, that is why I consider him my guru.

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